Medical Malpractice

In order to demonstrate medical negligence you must prove that the doctor deviated from the accepted level of care that would been expected from a physician. Malpractice can occur in many forms, some of which include misdiagnosis, medication errors, misread test results, inaccurate tests, and delayed treatment.

In order initiate your case you must obtain an affidavit of merit. An affidavit of merit is a statement from a physician attesting that the physician has reviewed your medical records and believes that malpractice has occurred.  While an affidavit of merit does not guarantee you of success before jury, it is the first step in pursuit of a medical malpractice claim.  Your attorney will generally obtain the affidavit of merit for you.

If malpractice is demonstrated, your damages may include lost wages, medical bills, physical pain and suffering, emotional pain and suffering, and lost ability. In the worst cases, medical malpractice may result in death giving rise to a wrongful death claim.  The statue of limitations to bring a medical malpractice claim is one (1) year. If you believe you were a victim of medical malpractice, you you should seek to hire an attorney at once. If you would like to discuss a potential medical malpratice case, email Matthew Marsalka Esq. at or call at 440-895-7496.