Lemon Law

Car problems can be frustrating especially if you purchased a new car. However, Ohio Lemon Law is here to protect you if experience serious problems with your car.

Under Ohio Lemon Law you may be entitled to the repurchase of your car, refund of all your car payments, and the manufacturer may have to pay your attorney fees.

You car may be a  Lemon if any of the following apply: 

  • You have had three or more attempts to repair one problem during the vehicle's first year and first 18,000 miles.
  •  Your vehicle has been in the shop for a cumulative total of 30 days or more during its first year and first 18,000 miles.
  • Your vehicle has had eight or more repairs for any different problems during its first year and first 18,000 miles.
  • Your vehicle has had one unsuccessful attempt made to fix a problem that could cause death or serious injury.

Even if you car does not constitute a Lemon, you may have Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Claim. To be eligible for a Magnuson-Moss claim your vehicle must be covered by a warranty and have been subject to multiple repair attempts. Such a claim may entitle you to monetary compensation.

Pursing a Lemon Law or Magnuson-Moss claim without an attorney is a difficult and frustrating process. Auto manufacturers are large multinational companies which have many attorney's to protect their interests. To level the playing field Ohio Lemon Law requires the manufacturer of your vehicle to pay your legal fees and costs. Thus, you will not owe anything out of pocket.

Attorney Marsalka has successfully handled numerous Lemon Law and Magnuson-Moss claims. If you believe you have an auto-related claim, email Matthew Marsalka Esq. at matt@marsalka-law.com or call at 440-895-7496 for free consultation.