Everyone knows children may fall and sustain minor bruises and scrapes, but it is also a parent’s duty to protect children from severe injury.  When parents cannot be with their children, they entrust this vital duty to daycare providers. All parents research daycare providers and hope their daycare provider will care for their child in the same way they would, but tragically this does not always occur. When this does not occur, you may be able to hold the responsible parties accountable and recover compensation for the injuries sustained by your child. 

Even a small lapse in judgment from a daycare provider can cause a tragic outcome.  While some injuries are truly unpreventable accidents, others demand an explanation. If you have any indication that your child is being neglected and that said neglect caused injury, you need to take immediate action.  Common injuries include bruising, broken bones, poisoning, choking, and traumatic brain injuries.  

When an unfortunate event occurs, your daycare provider will likely let you know. They may also create an incident report or other document to make a record of the event.  You should also request a list of all employees working at the facility on the day of the incident and take your child to a medical provider.  Photos of the child’s physical injuries will also assist if a lawsuit is needed. Before you make any statement to a daycare provider or a provider’s insurance company, you may want to talk to an attorney.  

If you suspect your child has been injured due to a daycare provider’s neglect, contact Marsalka Law, LLC for a free consultation.      

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